How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

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Dental implants are fused directly to your jawbone, making them the strongest and most durable tooth replacement method possible. The implant root provides a sturdy foundation for your dental crown, allowing it to become a permanent, functional part of your smile. Once a dental implant is placed, it has no expiration date. However, like any medical device, it is also not indestructible.

Most dental implants last around 20 years before needing replacement – but in some patients, they can last for a lifetime. The longevity of your dental implants will depend on how well you take care of them. Practicing good dental hygiene is important; brushing and flossing every day, and keeping up with routine check-ups at our office, can help keep your mouth free of tooth decay and periodontal disease, which threaten the bone that supports your implants.

It’s also important to avoid using your teeth as a cutting or opening tool, and stop chewing ice and other hard substances. Habits like these can damage your dental crown just as easily as they can damage natural teeth. By taking care of your implants and using common sense to prevent damage, you can expect them to provide you with a functional and attractive smile for decades to come – and potentially a lifetime.

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