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When you think of cosmetic dentistry, you may think of teeth alone. However, many people have teeth that are straight, white, and beautiful, but are hidden by excessive gummy tissue.

Medford cosmetic dentist Ryan M. Clancy, DMD, MAGD. LVIF understands that an attractive smile requires an even and complimentary gum line. Alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures, the latest advancements in laser dentistry can reduce excessive gum tissue and help provide you with the smile of your dreams.

Contouring Gums

To recontour gums, our dentists use a soft tissue laser. This provides our dentists with optimal control over how much tissue is removed. It also allows us to ensure a perfectly even and aesthetically ideal end result.

In the past, gum recontouring required scalpels which could not only be incredibly uncomfortable, they could result in excessive bleeding. The benefits of using a soft tissue laser instead of a scalpel for gum recontouring include:

  • A faster procedure
  • Reduced risks for infection
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Faster healing period

Lasers cauterize while they cut. This prevents excessive bleeding and exposure to bacteria following your procedure. In addition, lasers kill bacteria while contouring gums, preventing initial infections from occurring. Lastly, lasers encourage the growth of healthy tissue. This allows your remaining gum tissue to quickly and effectively heal, often allowing full recovery in fewer than seven days.

Performed alone, gum recontouring can do wonders for your smile, but in some instances our dentists may recommend combining this procedure with other treatments for a cosmetic smile makeover. This will be based on your particular needs and discussed with you in full during your initial consultation.

If you live in Boston, Medford, Cambridge, Somerville, Winchester, or surrounding areas of Massachusetts and are unhappy with an excessively gummy smile, please contact Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.