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Finding the most effective headache treatment requires getting to the root cause of your pain. If the cause is an issue with your temporomandibular joints, only a neuromuscular dentistry examination can detect it and help prevent future headaches. Sadly, even though headaches are one of the most common TMJ symptoms, many people never seek a dental solution. This can result in an ineffective reliance on prescription medications and a failure to ever fully eliminate the pain of chronic headaches.

If you suffer from frequent tension or migraine headaches, our experienced neuromuscular dentists near Boston can determine if a neuromuscular issue is the cause. Effective TMJ headache treatment may include restoring your bite or preventing teeth grinding.

How TMJ Causes Headaches

The machinations of your jaw are complex. Surrounding your jaw is a network of muscles, nerves, tissue, and bone that are linked to every area of your face. Running through all of this is the trigeminal nerve, the largest nerve in your body.

Strain caused by a misaligned jawbone can cause tension in muscles and place pressure on your trigeminal nerve. This may be a result of bruxism (teeth grinding), but may also be caused by trauma, certain medical disorders, or a misaligned bite. The bottom line is, no matter what is causing the issue, misalignment of the jaw is easily one of the most common causes of chronic headaches, and unless treated by a neuromuscular dentist, may lead to additional problems.

TMJ Headache Treatment

Dr. Clancy takes a comprehensive approach to headache treatment. We begin by using a TENS unit to relax muscles, alleviate pain, and establish the proper position of your jaw. When necessary, we may also use dental technology such as a K7 to track the movements of your jaw and further develop a treatment plan.

TMJ treatment may include the use of an orthotic device such as a mouthguard to be worn while sleeping. Chronic headaches can be caused by TMJ strain brought about by grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep. The orthotic device prevents these habits by protecting your upper and lower jaws from opposing pressure. 

TMJ headache treatment may also consist of dental restorations to restore a proper bite position. A bad bite can strain the TMJs and their surrounding muscles and nerves, resulting in a headache. Our dentists can rebuild your bite to achieve a harmonious relationship between your teeth, jaws and temporomandibular joints. Dental restorations used may include:

Treating headaches through neuromuscular dentistry focuses on correcting the underlying problem. With this approach, our dentists are able to both immediately eliminate pain and additional symptoms and to help it from occurring again.

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