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Even with the most thorough dental hygiene and cleaning routine, avoiding cavities is not always possible. When one of our Medford dentists detects cavities during your regularly scheduled appointments, we choose the most effective solution for your smile. In many instances, this is white, or tooth colored fillings.

White Fillings | Boston General DentistThe Problem with Metal Fillings

Metal fillings have long been the go-to solution for treating cavities, but this unsightly solution is far from ideal because they are often apparent when you laugh or open your mouth.

Metal fillings also must be packed into a cavity. This requires a significant amount of your natural tooth be removed for their placement. In addition, metal is sensitive to temperature fluctuations in your mouth. Hot and cold temperatures can cause amalgam fillings to expand and contract, which may result in tooth damage or in the filling coming loose or falling out.

Structural damage is of particular concern with metal fillings due to the large amount of enamel that must be removed for their placement. Large metal fillings may later need to be replaced with a dental crown.

Not only are metal fillings unsightly and potentially damaging to your teeth, there is much controversy over the long-term health impact of placing mercury in your mouth. While the science is still inconclusive in regard to personal health risks, there is no doubt that the waste from metal fillings can contaminate ground water and wreak havoc on our environment.

For these reasons, Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry has been a metal-free practice since 1995.

White Fillings

White fillings blend seamlessly into your smile, making them aesthetically superior to their metal alternatives. Filling the cavity and bonded to your teeth, the composite resin used in these fillings requires very little of your natural tooth enamel be removed. As an added benefit, white fillings are not responsive to temperature changes in your mouth like metal fillings. As a result, white fillings are less likely to crack because of temperature fluctuations.

In addition, white fillings do not contain any mercury and do not contaminate ground water. If you are concerned with metal amalgam fillings that you already have, we would be happy to discuss your options for replacing metal fillings with this safer, more aesthetically pleasing alternative.

To learn more about white fillings in Medford, Massachusetts, please contact Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry today.