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January 07, 2019
A common side effect of Invisalign is headaches, especially when first starting or when switching aligner trays. These headaches can occur for a number of reasons, and can range from minor discomfort to full on migraine. It is important to know that you are a good candidate before embarking on… Read Full Post
November 15, 2018
It is possible to smoke while undergoing Invisalign treatment. You have to be very careful about it, and if you are a heavy smoker you may want to consider a different type of orthodontic treatment. If you are a light or social smoker it will be easier to manage smoking while undergoing Invisalign… Read Full Post
September 05, 2018
While Invisalign clear aligners can be a great way to correct minor issues with teeth alignment, it is very important that you are a good candidate for treatment and that your dentist understands how to create an orthodontic plan that takes the full jaw into account, not just the teeth. Otherwise,… Read Full Post