Smile Makeover

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September 11, 2019
Being a former smoker doesn’t mean you have to live with a smoker’s smile. While breaking your cigarette habit won’t restore a bright, attractive grin, it is the first step to a successful smile makeover and improved oral health. If you have quit smoking or are in the process of quitting, it’s a… Read Full Post
August 09, 2019
Porcelain veneers can transform a smile with mild imperfections into a dazzling grin. The procedure involves placing a custom-made, natural-looking porcelain shell over the affected tooth. Dr. Ryan Clancy is highly skilled at this cosmetic dentistry treatment that’s sometimes referred to as “… Read Full Post
November 07, 2018
Unfortunately, dental insurance does not typically cover cosmetic dentistry. However, exactly what your dental insurance covers will vary depending on your plan, so it’s worth it to check with your provider to see if they will at least partially cover some of your cosmetic treatment. Different… Read Full Post
October 17, 2018
There are many different types of dental crowns available, including metal, resin, ceramic, and porcelain fused to metal. Dental crowns can be built in a lab, taking a week or two to complete, or they can be created same-day using sophisticated CEREC technology. Each of these types of dental… Read Full Post
August 30, 2018
Full face orthodontics, also known as epigenetic orthodontics, is more than just a teeth-straightening treatment. Unlike traditional braces, full face orthodontics is used to actually grow the jaw into a better shape, which in turn improves breathing, posture, and appearance. There are a multitude… Read Full Post