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January 22, 2019
Many men and women grind their teeth at night, which can lead to jaw problems such as TMJ disorder and can wear down or crack the teeth. If you consistently wake up with a sore jaw, headaches, or both, you may be grinding your teeth during the night while you sleep. If you want to stop grinding… Read Full Post
January 07, 2019
A common side effect of Invisalign is headaches, especially when first starting or when switching aligner trays. These headaches can occur for a number of reasons, and can range from minor discomfort to full on migraine. It is important to know that you are a good candidate before embarking on… Read Full Post
December 26, 2018
Exercise itself doesn’t usually directly contribute to TMJ disorder, but it can indirectly contribute if you tend to clench your jaw or use improper form while exercising. If you notice that you experience jaw pain or other TMJ symptoms after exercising, it could be from clenching your teeth,… Read Full Post
September 18, 2018
Thoughts from Dr. Clancy Featured Employee: Vici Patient Corner: Robin T. You Don't Have to Suffer with TMJ Thoughts from Dr. Clancy: Fear People have likely always been afraid of the doctor to some extent. Doctors are associated with illness and death, so some level of anxiety is natural. But… Read Full Post
September 05, 2018
While Invisalign clear aligners can be a great way to correct minor issues with teeth alignment, it is very important that you are a good candidate for treatment and that your dentist understands how to create an orthodontic plan that takes the full jaw into account, not just the teeth. Otherwise,… Read Full Post
March 02, 2018
Many people suffer from unexplained pain in the face, neck, shoulders, and back that just seems to keep coming back, no matter what kind of home treatment they try. If you have this kind of pain, there is a strong chance that you may be suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), also… Read Full Post
December 19, 2016
In a recent interview on eHealth Radio, our very own Dr. Ryan Clancy, was featured along with host Eric Michaels, discussing some common dental myths and letting you know the truth about them. Please listen to the full interview here. It is very common to believe that your dentist is there just… Read Full Post