Dental Anxiety? Find Out if NuCalm® is Right for You

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Posted: June 4, 2019

If you feel nervous before or during a dental visit, you’re not alone. Millions of people experience some level of apprehension or unease associated with dental appointments.

While these feelings are natural and no fault of your own, they can stand between you and the dental care that you need. That’s where the NuCalm® relaxation system comes in.

NuCalm is a natural, drug-free system that can help you feel at ease during your entire dental visit. The innovative four-part approach consists of an all-natural dietary supplement, micro-current stimulation, music, and light-canceling glasses. Take our quiz below to find out if NuCalm might be right for you!

Learn if NuCalm can help you during your next dental visit by calling 781-396-8558. Dr. Ryan Clancy will gladly discuss the benefits of this relaxation system. At Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry, we serve patients in Boston, Medford, Cambridge, and the surrounding Massachusetts areas.