Thoughts from Dr. Clancy: Appreciation

As a practicing dentist, I feel humbled when my patients go through hardship to travel long distances just to be treated by me.  Our patients who go out of their way to see us simply because of how well we treat them and the quality of care they receive are indeed very special.  Even the most well-seasoned New Englander has had difficulty with driving, parking and walking to make dental appointments.

All of us at Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry value the time and effort that everyone sacrifices to be seen by our team.  We will continue to do our best to guarantee an on-time and efficient experience.  Our whole team will also continue to train with new technology and new techniques to ensure the greatest outcome in the least invasive manner.  Again, thank you for choosing our team.

Do You Get Dental Headaches?

Many people suffer from chronic headaches, but they may not realize that their teeth and jaw might be the cause. There is a major nerve in the face that runs through the jaw, and if that nerve is affected through a misaligned bite, the result may be headaches.

Some of the main culprits of dental-related headaches are:

  • TMJ disorder, also abbreviated TMD
  • Previous conventional orthodontics or previous Invisalign
  • Missing teeth or misaligned teeth causing a shift in your bite

TMD can be the result of a naturally misaligned bite due to tooth damage, missing teeth, or crooked teeth. It can also be caused by careless or improper Invisalign treatment. Invisalign can be a wonderful way for adults to straighten their teeth. However, if you are not a good candidate or your teeth require a complex treatment plan, Invisalign can cause headaches and other TMD symptoms.

Dr. Clancy has moved thousands of teeth successfully with Invisalign treatments in his career, and part of the reason for his success is that he knows when a patient is a poor candidate who would benefit more from a different orthodontic treatment. He will not push Invisalign on you if he thinks you are not a great candidate for it.

As an alternative to Invisalign, Dr. Clancy offers full face orthodontics, which is a much more comprehensive and complex approach to treating misaligned teeth. Full face orthodontics is specifically designed to take the whole face into account, optimizing not only tooth placement but jaw placement as well.

Dr. Clancy also offers TMD treatment options for patients suffering from the disorder. He will find the root cause of your TMD and prescribe a treatment plan accordingly. TMD treatment plans can include myofunctional therapy, orthotic therapy, full face orthodontics, restorative treatment, tooth replacement, prosthetic replacements, medical specialist referral and combinations of multiple treatment modalities.

Team Spotlight: Leslie, Dental Hygienist

Image of Leslie Sullivan, office manager and RDH.I really enjoy working with Dr. Clancy because of his confidence in his team, and his commitment to our education and advancement. He continues to invest in our training and advancement so that we can provide our patients with optimal service and care. We are constantly learning new treatments and modalities, and in turn can educate our patients on ways to improve both their oral and overall health.

I chose a career in dentistry because I love spending time with patients one-on-one. I enjoy meeting people, and I find the work itself very satisfying and rewarding. It’s especially rewarding when I encounter a patient who hasn’t been to the dentist in several years who needs more than just a traditional cleaning. Seeing the results after a deep cleaning with laser therapy gives me such a sense of satisfaction. I love being an integral part of helping my patients achieve optimal dental health.

Everyone who knows me, both inside and out of the office, knows that I’m a New England Patriots fanatic. I love going to games or just watching from home! I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, playing tennis, and traveling.

Being a dental hygienist gives me the chance to change lives for the better. I’m given an incredible opportunity to treat people with empathy and care, and to build a foundation of trust.

Patient Corner

One of Dr. Clancy's patients.

Patricia O’Donnell, a patient of Dr. Clancy for over 20 years