Thoughts from Dr. Clancy: Fear

People have likely always been afraid of the doctor to some extent. Doctors are associated with illness and death, so some level of anxiety is natural. But modern medicine is more stressful than it needs to be. Many people are terrified of going to the doctor or dentist. At Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry we are not only aware of dental anxiety, we are providing the time and techniques to eliminate it.

We are proud to take the time necessary to reduce fear & anxiety. Some of you have experienced the benefits of NuCalm at our office already. Working with a NuCalm doctor or dentist can be so beneficial: it’s a natural stress reliever to improve your experience so that going to the dentist can be a healthy, stress-free experience.

NuCalm is a technique that disarms your body’s stress response to that you can relax at the dentist. And because it’s drug-free, you don’t have to worry about side effects. There has never been an adverse event associated with NuCalm. We look forward to providing your next stress-free visit with our NuCalm experience.

Featured Employee: Vici

Victoria Ross, CDA, part of the dental team with Dr. Clancy's Medford office

I have currently been working at Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry for almost 7 years now and love being a dental assistant/patient coordinator here with Dr. Clancy. I have also worked with our in-house periodontist, Dr. Martins, for 4 years and really enjoy doing surgeries with her to help the patients have the most comfortable, enjoyable experience as possible while they are here with us.

The parts that I love most about my job are that we are always learning, training, and challenging ourselves to be better and more knowledgeable with the latest technology. I also love the relationships that I have built with not only the wonderful patients that we have here, but also my co-workers. I worked in rehabilitation centers from the time I was 16 up until I was 19 and went on to start a career in business management, but found that dentistry was more suitable for me because I enjoy working with my hands, building things, and working with people, which is always a guaranteed constant in dentistry. I like that every day and every person is different.

I was born and raised in the Northshore area and currently reside in New Hampshire. I have been practicing taekwondo for 20 years and still consistently train. I am a very active, outgoing person who enjoys camping, animals, anything that goes fast, and traveling when I am not at work.

Patient’s Corner: Robin T.

I have been a patient at the practice for quite some time.  I suspect my dental experiences have been the same as most people, periodic cleanings where I am advised to floss more, annual x-rays and occasionally a follow up filling or crown.  Years go by, but the routine stayed the same.

When Dr. Clancy joined the practice, I noticed things starting to change.  I was beginning to get asked new questions and my post cleaning doctor consults were getting more detailed and collaborative.  Dr. Clancy began explaining issues and concerns he had especially around my bite alignment which from my adolescent orthodontic experience went from an underbite to a crossbite, my aging childhood dental work, and proper care for my wisdom teeth.  We reviewed his concerns with my crossbite and the impact this had on my overall dental health.  Unfortunately, he agreed with previous orthodontists in that surgery was the only way to fix this, which I was against.  Once that was decided we devised a plan to start replacing the aging dental work and over the past few years have been executing this plan.

During my appointments I noticed technology changes as well.  Leslie, my hygienist, not only informed me about things she was seeing during my exam but would follow up by taking digital pictures and displaying them on the television and explaining to me concerns she had.  Gone were my attempts at trying to hold the mirror and simply finding it impossible to see what she was seeing.   Next was my crown replacements.  What was once a two-day visit spread across a week or so while gingerly treating a temporary crown suddenly to my amazement turned into a one-day visit.  Dr. Clancy rolled a new technology into the room and explained as I observed him taking digital pictures and using this new technology to combine the photos into a digital mold of the area and shape a crown.  If that wasn’t amazing enough he then proceeded to put a piece of porcelain in the milling printer and I could watch my new crown being fabricated!

All was moving along as per the plan when suddenly during my route visit in November of 2017 Dr. Clancy presented me with another technological advancement.  Surgery was no longer the only option for my crossbite.  Invisalign had introduced a treatment for this condition.  Dr. Clancy was very upfront that this would be a more extreme case and would likely go longer than a typical Invisalign adjustment. He gave me an overview of how this would work and pointed out key areas of concern.  After researching online, a bit, and Leslie giving me a very detailed visual presentation of where by bite is today and where it would be after the Invisalign adjustments I decided to proceed.  I recently completed my first set of trays and couldn’t be more pleased.

Overall, my dental experience since working with Dr. Clancy and his team has gone from one of routine to one of collaboration.  This collaboration in addition to the technologies that they have adopted has given me a new level of comfort with my decisions and if all stays on track in a couple months a smile I can be proud of.

You Don’t Have to Suffer with TMJ

A woman with jaw pain.Dr. Clancy will dig deep to find what is causing your symptoms in the first place so that he can fix it and relieve your symptoms permanently. Our entire team is empathetic and compassionate, and we will treat you with care and respect you deserve every time you come into our office.

Dr. Clancy is LVI-trained in neuromuscular dentistry and has treated many TMJ cases successfully. He uses state-of-the-art technology to find the best position for your jaw and takes the utmost care to craft a personalized treatment to help you find relief. We believe that all patients should have the opportunity to live TMJ pain and headache free.

Dr. Clancy is now offering full-face orthodontics, also known as epigenetic orthodontics. This revolutionary treatment helps to guide jaw growth into the ideal position unique to you. This non-surgical treatment takes a 3-dimensional approach to patient care instead of 2-dimensional. We will naturally grow and restructure the upper and lower jaws without invasive procedures or surgery.

If you are suffering from TMJ/TMD symptoms, don’t wait to call Dr. Clancy to set up your consultation.  The quality of life that you deserve could be waiting.